WCY H&E Initiative

Women Children Youth Health and Education Initiative


The Goal is to significantly contribute to the reduction of maternal, new-born and child mortality and morbidity and eradicate poverty in Nigeria towards the achievement of SDGs


Every woman, child, Youth live a healthy life and attained their full potential in Life.


Mission of WCY is to save lives, improve nutrition and promote productive living for women, children and youth through adequate educational opportunities, quality Healthcare systems and improved economic empowerment opportunities in Nigeria

Dr. Halima Mukaddas

What We Do

The Women, Children, Youth Health and Education Initiative was founded on 11th September 2015 by group of women health and education activists, who came together to improve and upgrade health and education amongst communities in North-Eastern part of the country in particular, and Nigeria in general. It has a special focus for women, children and youth. It was registered in February 2018 and licensed as a nongovernmental, non-political and not profit making organization. Its activities are mainly focused on ensuring healthy productive living and elimination of poverty. Other activities are ensuring a stable, clean and corruption free environment.


Capacity Building for Educators on Effective training Skills
Collaboration on Health Interventions with Stakeholders
Supporting Midwifery Education in Northern Nigeria


Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria

Independent National Electoral Commission


Development Research and Projects Centre


Nigerian Bar Associations

Nigerian Medical Association