Strengthen coordination, policy and institutional framework for MNCHN interventions

Health and Nutrition

  1. Safe Motherhood; Antenatal Care, Safe Delivery, Family Planning etc.
  2. Gynaecological Cancer screening
  3. Prevention and Care of VVF
  4. Child Survival
  5. Child protection
  6. Social Protection


1.Women empowerment
2.Adult Literacy
4.Out of school education
5.Increase Girl Child school enrolment and retention


  1. Youth friendly Health Services
  2. Youth Empowerment
  3. Gender-Based Violence
  4. Environment; Water and Sanitation
  5. Conflict Management
  6. Research; Community Based Research study on Health & Education to gather evidence for action

Gender Mainstreaming

Environment, Hygiene, Water & Sanitation

Conflict Management

Policy & Governance